Linsay McCallum


For the past 7 years, well I think 7 years (the first couple were hazy due to the product training), I have been the tour guide for Cairn o’Mohr. I have been a part of the team making the winery a top destination on TripAdvisor & I have also travelled the country, including sitting on Brighton Beach having a swally after a sell out at a show (straight out of the bottle… classy burd). I know the range inside out as well as the production side.

During my time at the winery I also set up Speak Scotland & have successfully run that company for 5 years, creating a team of brand ambassadors that travel the country promoting fine food & drink. Both will continue alongside The Pickled Peacock, but instead of leaving my tours at the end, I will be getting my net out and capturing you & dropping you off at our cafe bar. There will be no escaping!

On a more personal note, my partner Craig & I have a beautiful boy Finan. Too young to start work but certainly not too young to go out & help us pick berries. He is a skilled nabbler. 🍓 We have a big family in Inchture & Dundee who will all be a part of our journey & we hope you can bring your families along to enjoy our offerings.

Lastly a couple of things that make my soul fly:

🦚 Family
🦚 Local Producers
🦚 Scottish Food & Drink
🦚 Northern Soul Music
🦚 Good Fun

I absolutely cannot wait to welcome you to The Pickled Peacock!